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You may have a current favorite website for watching and chilling all at once but maybe this article may change your mind and make you switch to it. [Read more…]

Arranging Guitar Effects Pedals on a Pedalboard

arrange pedals
Credit: www.custompedalboards.co.uk

Only a guitar and an amp is not enough to produce multiple effects by a guitar. As a guitarist you would like to explore the best tunes through your guitar and for that you will have to arrange a pedalboard. Different pedals are used to produce different effects, like the best reverb pedal is used to produce reverb and delay pedal for producing delay. Multiple pedals are arranged together to produce effects and as a beginner, you may face trouble in arranging the pedals. You need a perfect guide to arrange the guitar pedalboard and we are providing some tips for an effective arrangement of the pedalboard.

Do not stick to any rule

If you are thinking to follow the old rules of arranging pedal board, then don’t do so. The guitarists, who have used old and traditional pedal board, used old designs for the music of that age. Today, the type of music is changed and the guitarists are trying to blend new effects in the track to make it more interesting. So, you should be ready to try something new according to the requirement of this age. People like loud noises that come through the effects on the pedal board. So, arrange the pedal board in the given way to get what your audience like the most.

  1. The placement of pedals starts from the signal path. Pedals, which you use widely to produce noise, must be placed in the start of the signal path. Suppose, you are using distortion effect pedals, overdrive pedals, wah pedals or compressors, these should be placed at the start of the signal path. Placing these pedals anywhere excepting the beginning of pedalboard will be a harmful decision because you won’t be able to control their noise.pedals placed first
  2. Do not place the pedals that modify the tone before the pedals that produce a tone. Obviously, first you will produce the basic tone and then add extra effects in it. So, always place the overdrives before chorus producing pedals.
  3. Of course, your pedal board cannot be complete without the delay pedal. It is mainly used to produce ambience and it should be placed at the last. The same logic applies to placing the reverb pedal on the pedalboard because reverb pedal is also used to produce ambience.

A guitarist uses multiple pedals to produce and control different sound effects. As a beginner, you must practice with a complete pedalboard because it is the only way of controlling overall sound effects on the guitar.

Steps on How to Clean a Headliner

how to clean a headliner
Credit: youtube.com

Nowadays, car owners can go to any extent to adorn and embellish the exterior and interior of their cars. Fancy things like versatile fabric seats, car accessories, extra headlights and stickers are in trend.

As much as the decoration of a car is valued, the maintenance and hygiene of the car’s interior should also be taken care of. The car ceiling or headliner is probably the most neglected part when it comes to tidiness. The car ceiling can get fairly dirty over time due to some factors that we will discuss as we proceed. Since the ceiling is so high up, cleaning it becomes a challenging task. Following are a few steps that can teach you a proper method on how you can clean the ceiling of your car without disturbing the adhesive.

Step 1: Get rid of grime from the ceiling

get rid of grime from the ceiling

The first step is to loosen the dirt and filth on your car’s ceiling, which can be done by using a microfiber cloth. This cloth is crafted from fabrics that collect most of the grime from the ceiling. The method is to use a clean and dry microfiber cloth and with a gentle hand, run this cloth along the direction of the grime on the ceiling fabric. [Read more…]

Complete Beginner’s Guide To Mixing

mixing guide

Today we would like to share an effective guide to mixing music which is best suited for both beginners as well as experienced candidates. Every mixer needs to keep certain important things in the mind before they begin their mixing work. Mixing music is a bit daunting task and a never ending learning process. With our guide, you will be able to learn out the fundamentals concepts of mixing music which will help you out for many more years to come.

Monitor Levels Properly

Learning the art of monitoring levels is the way to begin your journey of mixing music. No matter, if you are trying to attain perfect mixing for your headphones or speakers, you need to find out a specific volume level that will act as your default volume level. If you make slightest of change in the volume level it will have a huge impact on what you hear and how you mix it. It is always nice to find a sweet spot on your volume section and just leave it there. Now when it comes to finding the sweet spot, the volume should not force you to raise your voice when you desire to have a normal conversation with the person sitting next to you.

Try To Gain Staging

Once you are done with the sweet spot, the second step is to gain proper staging of your musical tracks. The main motive behind gaining staging is to achieve an adequate gain of all your tracks when they get attached with your main output pair and you still have plenty of headroom available on your mix buss. Digital clipping is not good by any means and once can easily above the digital clipping by turning down the tracks.

Learn to track volume

Learning the art of tracking volume is all about establishing ideal volume for each track relative to other tracks present in the mix. For sure, you have done some of the tracking volume in previous two steps but here you will learn the art of finalizing volume of every track. It is pretty critical to understand, every track has its own fader position and your job is to find that out. Surely, it will take plenty f listening and your main motive is to find out one sweet volume spot for every track where it sounds good to the ears. [Read more…]