Arranging Guitar Effects Pedals on a Pedalboard

arrange pedals

Only a guitar and an amp is not enough to produce multiple effects by a guitar. As a guitarist you would like to explore the best tunes through your guitar and for that you will have to arrange a pedalboard. Different pedals are used to produce different effects, like the best reverb pedal is used to produce reverb and delay pedal for producing delay. Multiple pedals are arranged together to produce effects and as a beginner, you may face trouble in arranging the pedals. You need a perfect guide to arrange the guitar pedalboard and we are providing some tips for an effective arrangement of the pedalboard.

Do not stick to any rule

If you are thinking to follow the old rules of arranging pedal board, then don’t do so. The guitarists, who have used old and traditional pedal board, used old designs for the music of that age. Today, the type of music is changed and the guitarists are trying to blend new effects in the track to make it more interesting. So, you should be ready to try something new according to the requirement of this age. People like loud noises that come through the effects on the pedal board. So, arrange the pedal board in the given way to get what your audience like the most.

  1. The placement of pedals starts from the signal path. Pedals, which you use widely to produce noise, must be placed in the start of the signal path. Suppose, you are using distortion effect pedals, overdrive pedals, wah pedals or compressors, these should be placed at the start of the signal path. Placing these pedals anywhere excepting the beginning of pedalboard will be a harmful decision because you won’t be able to control their noise.pedals placed first
  2. Do not place the pedals that modify the tone before the pedals that produce a tone. Obviously, first you will produce the basic tone and then add extra effects in it. So, always place the overdrives before chorus producing pedals.
  3. Of course, your pedal board cannot be complete without the delay pedal. It is mainly used to produce ambience and it should be placed at the last. The same logic applies to placing the reverb pedal on the pedalboard because reverb pedal is also used to produce ambience.

A guitarist uses multiple pedals to produce and control different sound effects. As a beginner, you must practice with a complete pedalboard because it is the only way of controlling overall sound effects on the guitar.