Steps on How to Clean a Headliner

how to clean a headliner

Nowadays, car owners can go to any extent to adorn and embellish the exterior and interior of their cars. Fancy things like versatile fabric seats, car accessories, extra headlights and stickers are in trend.

As much as the decoration of a car is valued, the maintenance and hygiene of the car’s interior should also be taken care of. The car ceiling or headliner is probably the most neglected part when it comes to tidiness. The car ceiling can get fairly dirty over time due to some factors that we will discuss as we proceed. Since the ceiling is so high up, cleaning it becomes a challenging task. Following are a few steps that can teach you a proper method on how you can clean the ceiling of your car without disturbing the adhesive.

Step 1: Get rid of grime from the ceiling

get rid of grime from the ceiling

The first step is to loosen the dirt and filth on your car’s ceiling, which can be done by using a microfiber cloth. This cloth is crafted from fabrics that collect most of the grime from the ceiling. The method is to use a clean and dry microfiber cloth and with a gentle hand, run this cloth along the direction of the grime on the ceiling fabric. [Read more…]