Did You choose SolarMovie to be Your Favorite Movie Site?


If you are looking for a movie site which has all great qualities such as breaking new movies on theater, old classic movies of the 50s, stable loading and free… then you must try SolarMovie.

We all know that there are thousands of movie websites on the Internet with all kinds of promotion. But they all have one thing in common: they charge you somehow. Yes, some of these websites charge you a monthly fee to watch movies, others have tons of ads (balloons, popup, and videos…etc) that sicken you every time you try to watch an episode of Breaking Bad. But not solarmovie, we can ensure you that.

You may have a current favorite website for watching and chilling all at once but maybe this article may change your mind and make you switch to it.

We have all kind of movies at all time

SolarMovie is the website of the new streaming, downloading movies generation. Have you ever wanted to see a movie in the theater then missed it? Well, not anymore. It gives you an ability to watch any movie at the same time in the theatre. You name it, we’ve got it.

But we do not forget the good oldies such as the 60s classic movies, black-and-white of the golden age of cinema. We treasure those movies as a part of cinematic resource and we know you cinephiles would love them as much as we do.

Free (and we mean free)

Any movie websites need a budget to maintain servers, bandwidth, infrastructure and human resource. We are not some geek who wants to disrupt the film industry or mess up with the filthy rich Hollywood, but we know everybody deserves to watch any movie they want at a proper price. We are not one person who willing to sacrifice our valuable time to upload movies and maintain the infrastructure for free but are several. So we do need a fine budget to operate the system but we know what is enough. You may see an ad to two but we promise your experience on it would be awesome with or without ads. We promise no annoyance!

Streaming and download speed

Streaming to be a ‘huge’ thing on the media at the present. Although we know it’s just as the same as “watching online” but well, who are we to judge? Back to the point, SolarMovie has a proper bandwidth for our users to stream and download any movie they want. You can save it for later and binge-watch any series in your free time. If there is any trouble or error, you can always contact us to fix it immediately.


You know the danger of spams and untrustworthy ads among thousands of movie website and some of them throw so many ads to your face like it’s ok to do so. But not us, we value your return and want you to have a great experience during the time. Ads and providers are filtered by our algorithm and assistants before showing to the right audiences.

So above are the 4 simple advantages of it that we know it would win your favor. Let’s take a look now, shall we?

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